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Dedicated IG One, the brand’s nutrient repartitioning formula

dedicated ig one

Previously all we knew about the upcoming Dedicated IG One was the name of the supplement. Nothing else was mentioned about the product, not what it does or anything that’s in it. Today Dedicated Nutrition have not only given us our first look at IG One and a description, but also the supplement’s 100% transparent facts panel. As you can see in the image above, Dedicated IG One falls into the category of a nutrient repartitioning formula. In short the product is designed to “drive massive amounts of carbohydrates and proteins directly into muscle cells for immediate results you can both see and feel”. To help deliver on that promise Dedicated IG One simply relies on two different ingredients. You can see the facts panel for the supplement below but its two features are 350mg of banaba leaf and 150 of gymnema sylvestre extract. While you may be thinking Dedicated IG One doesn’t really have that much in it, the brand have actually continued on their theme that we got a glimpse of in Dedicated Joint. In that product the brand aimed for the best quality at a great price, which is something they have also said applies to the upcoming IG One. With all the information now out on Dedicated IG One there is a good chance it will be available soon, and likely on display at this weekend’s BodyPower Expo in the UK.

Update: More information on Dedicated IG One has now been added to the brand’s website.

Dedicated IG One facts panel

dedicated ig one

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