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G Fuel Shaker in support of Gamma’s FaZeberry now available

g fuel shaker

Following on from Gamma Lab’s launch of their impressive 10th flavor for their flagship formula G Fuel with blood orange, as well as the reintroduction of the stick pack G Fuel boxes. The brand have now put together another item for G Fuel fans however this one isn’t in the area of nutritional supplements. To help support Gamma’s uniquely named G Fuel flavor, you can now purchase a G Fuel shaker in FaZe Red. Previously the product was only available in green and blue with Gamma’s logo on one side and G Fuel’s on the other. The new FaZe Red shaker keeps the cup the same, although features just the G Fuel name down the side using FaZeberry’s signature “F”, and of course comes with a red lid. The price on the piece is the same as the others at $9.99 each, with the new G Fuel shaker now in stock and available direct from the brand’s website.

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