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MTS Machine Greens now available in capsules at the home of MTS

mts machine greens

It was all the way back in late 2013 that Marc Lobliner launched one of his most unique supplements, the greens and multi-vitamin formula MTS Machine Greens. When the product initially arrived it was actually exclusive to Muscle & Strength although eventually went elsewhere in January of 2014. Over a year and a half since Machine Greens first hit the market, Lobliner has now decided to give back to the supplement. Instead of doing the usual new flavor or bigger more cost-effective tub size, he has put together an alternate form of MTS Machine Greens. As much as fans will have no doubt enjoyed the drinkable original they now have the option of getting MTS Machine Greens in capsules. The product has already been added to the home of Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition at Tiger Fitness, where you can grab the capsule version for the same price as the powder. If you’re thinking the servings are probably different, that is not the case with the new MTS Machine Greens as it also packs the usual 30 servings. Feel free to check out the latest from Lobliner at Tiger Fitness for yourself and if you’re an MTS fan be sure to keep an eye out. While the capsule Machine Greens has gone from reveal to release this week, there is still a lot on the way to stay excited about including MTS Vasky, another flavor of Barracuda, a carb formula, and most likely another option for Machine Whey.

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