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First Olympus Labs demigod group launch coming tomorrow

olympus labs insider

Olympus Labs have followed in the footsteps of MAN Sports, USP Labs, PEScience and everyone else who has their own insider club. The brand have started taking email sign ups for their demigod group on their website with a pop up form on entry making it easy to submit your details. Whether or not you’re a fan of Olympus Labs this is something you might want to do as the brand are apparently going to have some crazy introductory deals. The first one is actually going to be coming tomorrow, introducing a supplement we have yet to get details on. While we don’t know exactly what the product is or what kind of price we’ll be looking at, we do know you’ll want to get in fast. Olympus Labs have said that the first 30 bottles sold of the supplement will get another item free. They haven’t said what the item is but it is for the first 30 sales, which means if someone buys 6 they will get 6 of the free product. As mentioned you can sign up to the demigod group on the brand’s website by simply submitting your email in the pop up box that appears on arrival.

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