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Prekaged confirmed in Kaged Muscle YouTube channel trailer


After a relatively painful wait since Wednesday, Kris Gethin has finally announced what he was talking about with his Kaged Kountdown teaser. A Kaged Muscle YouTube channel is what Gethin has been working on, something that he will be putting a lot of effort into. The channel is said to be getting exclusive daily workout videos as well as give fans an inside look at the man himself and other Kaged Muscle athletes. You can check out the introduction video below, which is actually what has made Kris Gethin’s announcement a whole lot more interesting. In our post on the Kaged Kountdown we mentioned that the teaser could be talking about the launch of Inkaged and/or Rekaged, or even an introduction of the predicted pre-workout Prekaged (Pre-Kaged). As it so happens we were spot as Gethin’s YouTube channel announcement has brought with it our first look at Prekaged. The short shot of the supplement doesn’t give us any information outside of its name, however confirmation of a Kaged Muscle pre-workout is probably enough for fans for now.

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