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USN Supplements launch 8 out of 9 at Muscle & Strength

usn supplements

Just recently we introduced USN Supplements, an internationally known and available brand. While their US product line up covers most of the important areas, it doesn’t quite compare to the variety they have for other areas of the world. With that said they have only just arrived, although believe it or not USN have now found their way into a major store. Muscle & Strength appear to be one of the first big supplement retailers to pick up USN, launching almost every one of their nine products. The items the store have added are the protein powders 1-Whey and Fusion8, fat burner Hyper-Cut Lipo XT. The self-explanatory formulas Crea-X4 (creatine), 17-Testo (testosterone) and 3XT-Pump (pre-workout), as well as the two individuals Creatine and Glutamine. The only USN supplement missing from that group is the brand’s amino cocktail Duramino. All the items Muscle & Strength have added are in stock and available for purchase except for two, the testosterone booster 17-Testo and the 4lb Fusion8 in cookies & cream.

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