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Mystery supplements set to double the size of Ceuticore


Since we introduced Ceuticore Nutrition we haven’t heard much from them, which makes sense as at the moment their line still has the same three supplements. The pre-workout Force MG, muscle builder Myostane MX and recovery formula Refuel XT are the three making up Ceuticore.

Fans and of the brand will be happy to hear that very soon Ceuticore’s numbers will be changing, in fact they’re about to almost double the size of their family. The brand have confirmed that they have two new products coming soon, unfortunately making it a mystery by leaving their announcement at just that. The picture they have released does tell us that both supplements are capsule formulas, however with a line that only covers three categories there are a number of directions Ceuticore could go.

Our guess for at least one of them would be a fat burner, mainly due to the time of year and because they haven’t hit that area yet. Regardless of what we think, we’re going to have to wait alongside fans for this one as a lot more information is needed.

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