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Cytosport Monster Series pre-workout Initiate looking ready

monster series

While Cytosport’s reborn Monster Series has officially been launched seeing the introduction of a number of new supplements, we still have quite a bit more to come. So far the Vitamin Shoppe appears to be the retailer with the most Monster products listing Isolate, Whey, Blend, Amino 6:1:1 as well as the premixed Mobilized Amino 6:1:1. A total of five is definitely not a small amount however it is less than half of what the all new Monster Series is made up of. Back at the Arnold we got previews of another six, most of which are as basic as the supplements already available.

Other formulas in the brand’s protein department is the milk protein Milk, Protein Bar, mass gainer Massive, and a second premixed formula with Mobilized Protein. The remaining two are Monster Creatine and really the only complex product of the group, the pre-workout Initiate. For those waiting on the rest of the reborn Monster Series it appears that Mobilized Protein and Initiate could be the next two to hit shelves. Over the past month or so the only ones we’ve seen being promoted by Cytosport are the five currently available. That has changed recently with the two mentioned both being spotted and looking ready to go on sale. The brand themselves have not given any kind of Monster Series update just yet, although if they are the two next in line it will finally give us a look at the formula behind their one not so straightforward supplement.

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