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EPIQ Quad Test the quad source testosterone booster

epiq quad test

As mentioned in our post on Slash, EPIQ Quad Test is one of the bright orange brand’s three products originally promised back in March. It is the muscle builder of the group and has been spotted in the image above sitting right next to the previously previewed Stryke. Like with Slash we don’t have all the details on EPIQ Quad Test, although thanks to its bottle and the words that accompany the revealing image we do have enough to tell you what the supplement’s about.

By the looks of things EPIQ Quad Test’s name does give a fair amount away as the product is described as a “clinically dosed, quad source testosterone booster.” While it definitely sounds like there are four ingredients making up the muscle builder, at this point we can only confirm three. The features we know of are ashwagandha, shilajit and boron, which together with the fourth ingredient promise increased testosterone, decreased estradiol and lower cortisol levels.

Strangely enough unlike the brand’s upcoming fat burner, the picture we’ve got doesn’t promote EPIQ Quad Test or Stryke as exclusive to just GNC. It appears that the muscle builder and pre-workout are going to be available at GNC and Lucky Vitamin, another one of EPIQ’s exclusive retailers.

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