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EPIQ Slash the fat burner of EPIQ’s upcoming trio

epiq slash

Back before the reveal of EPIQ’s pre-workout supplement Stryke, the brand confirmed that they had three new products on the way. EPIQ Stryke is obviously one of them, with the other two previously being a bit of a mystery. Images have now shown up of two new supplements, a fat burner called EPIQ Slash and a muscle builder named EPIQ Quad Test. You can find more on the latter in our post dedicated to Quad Test, with this one putting the spotlight on EPIQ Slash.

As mentioned the capsule product is a weight loss formula promising three classic effects, energy, focus and thermogenesis. Since we don’t yet have the facts panel for EPIQ Slash we don’t know every ingredient in the supplement, although we do have a few from the face of the bottle. Caffeine is of course in the mix as well as BioPerine black pepper, and two features you don’t see too often, pu-erh tea and piceatannol. For now EPIQ Slash and Quad Test are only known to be coming soon, and of course when they arrive they will be exclusive to GNC.

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