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Details of Medievil Berserker’s 100% transparent formula released

medievil berserker

On Friday Medievil announced that their upcoming pre-workout supplement Medievil Berserker would be launching in exactly 14 days. That countdown is now down to 12 days, a time that has finally given us a look at the contents of the product. Previously all we knew was that the branded ingredient ViNitrox is going to be in the mix and of course caffeine dosed at 150mg per serving. As for the other features in Medievil Berserker, since we don’t have an official facts panel to show you we are going to list every ingredient and its exact dose. Starting from the top the supplement packs 1g of BCAAs at a ratio of 2:1:1, 1g glycerol monostearate, 750mg each of beta-alanine, creatine monohydrate and AKG. 400mg of citrulline, 250mg arginine, 150mg beetroot, 125mg tyrosine, 100mg each of taurine and ViNitrox, and 10mg panax ginseng. While some of Medievil Berserker’s doses are a lot lower than most of its top competitors, its two serving maximum does double all those numbers making them a bit better. As mentioned earlier Medievil Berserker is now 12 days away from release which will see the pre-workout arrive on Friday June 26th.

Update 06/28: Medievil Berserker has now gone on sale as promised, launching direct from the brand with 20% off dropping the supplement down to £39.99.

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