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First look at Medievil Berserker confirms caffeine dose and ViNitrox

medievil berserker

The originally weight loss only supplement company Medievil recently confirmed their interest in the pre-workout category with the product Medievil Berserker. Nothing much else was said about the supplement outside of its name, just that it was coming sometime soon. The brand have now released a first look at Medievil Berserker, giving us a lot more information than we had before. The first thing that jumps out is that the brand have used their plain Creatine Assault type bag as opposed to the much more creative packaging style of their original Excalibur. Next we see that each bag of Medievil Berserker weighs in at 300g, divided up in to 50 servings working out to 6g a serving. While we don’t yet find out the exacts contents of the upcoming pre-workout, you can see on the front a confirmation of 150mg of caffeine per serving as well as the inclusion of the branded ingredient ViNitrox. The only other detail we get from the Medievil Berserker preview is the product’s two flavors with blood orange and wild berry. To round out the update the brand have actually started a countdown for the launch of their pre-workout which is expected to be released exactly 14 days from now.

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