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MTS Vasky sells out at Tiger Fitness in exactly 13 minutes

mts vasky

Last week Tiger Fitness added Marc Lobliner’s new pump pre-workout MTS Vasky to their store, revealing its price individually and in a whole bunch of stacks. The value was set just as Lobliner promised under $20, at $19.99. As exciting as the price confirmation was the supplement still wasn’t available. That has all now changed or at least it did for a short period of time as MTS Vasky did officially launch a few hours ago. Tiger Fitness posted a video announcing its availability at around 2:30PM (Eastern). Unfortunately if you missed that news then you’ve actually missed out as MTS Vasky is already out of stock. Marc Lobliner himself has uploaded a video confirming that the product sold out in exactly 13 minutes. On the bright side Lobliner has also said that more stock is on the way and should be hitting Tiger Fitness hopefully on Thursday. If the second MTS Vasky release plays out anything like the first, you may want to bookmark the supplement’s page or at least the store’s Facebook to keep an eye out for announcements.