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Free samples of App Nut’s Depth Charge formulas NOvate and ThermoVate


Over the past few months you may have seen quite a few brands put together free sampling opportunities such as AST’s Raptor HP promotion and Momentum’s Catalyst sampler. Applied Nutraceuticals have now decided to get a similar thing going for two of their more recently released supplements, the Depth Charge formulas NOvate and ThermoVate. Like with all the other forms you would have had to fill out, to get your free samples of NOvate and ThermoVate App Nut need a few details.

Simply enter your full name, shipping address and email on the sampling page, then click “get free samples” and you’re good to go. The brand doesn’t say anywhere just how many samples you will get, only that it will be made up of the two products NOvate and ThermoVate. Surprisingly the offer is open to those located both in the US and Canada, with shipping expected to take between two to three weeks from when you submit your request.