Nubreed Whiplash makes use of TeaCrine theacrine

nubreed whiplash

Following the release of the protein Myoblast back in March, Nubreed Nutrition confirmed the coming of a supplement called Whiplash. At the time we didn’t anything about the product, unless of course its preview silhouette was anything to go by, then we were thinking the formula would be some kind of protein powder. Almost three months after the first mention of Nubreed Whiplash, all of the supplement’s details have now been released also seeing it go on sale. One of the most interesting pieces of information has to be the product’s category which has turned out to be pre-workout.

While it isn’t as common as using proprietary blends or 100% transparently dosing a formula. Nubreed Whiplash is one of the few pre-workouts that does half and half, listing doses for its common performance ingredients but keeping its stimulants wrapped up in a blend. Packed into each serving of the supplement you have 2g of beta-alanine, 1.5g of betaine anhydrous, 1.25g of agmatine sulfate and half a gram of carnitine l-tartrate. As for Nubreed Whiplash’s 1.4g proprietary blend it is made up of eight different ingredients including yohimbine, caffeine, and something that’s quite new although you don’t see in pre-workouts a lot, TeaCrine theacrine. The brand is aiming to deliver the enjoyable combination of energy and pump with their 12 main features, or as they put it “two factors that help ensure an intense workout. Stim & Pump.”

Surprisingly even though details on Nubreed Whiplash have only just surfaced, the product is also now available. While you can head on over to the brand’s own website and pick up the pre-workout for $44.99, Muscle & Strength have just made themselves the better option. The online store is now listing Nubreed Whiplash for $34.99, $10 cheaper than the brand, with two 30 serving flavors to choose from in blue raspberry and mango orange.

Nubreed Whiplash

nubreed whiplash

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