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Pineapple mango Upload released and on sale at I’ll Pump You Up

pineapple mango upload

Already this year Alpha Pro Nutrition have introduced two new Australian exclusive flavors, one for their pre-workout Upload and the other for the muscle builder Gr8test. Upload finally got its second option with watermelon being joined by cola and Gr8test getting black currant. The brand have now released yet another flavor for Upload, however this time it isn’t exclusive to their Australian customers. The third taste for Alpha Pro’s energizing supplement is pineapple mango, which according to the brand “not over-sweetened, fresh and tangy”. Alpha Pro have also just launched mango pineapple Upload in stores with the likes of I’ll Pump You Up already listing it as in stock. Coincidentally the online retailer have got a sale on Alpha Pro at the moment dropping Upload an extra $2 from $29.99 to $27.99. No doubt a few other locations have got the latest from the brand available, if not then expect to see it sometime soon.

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