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regen pm

Getting the last number in the HighT Pro Formula Five series “05” is Regen PM, with the last part of its title giving away its intentions. As you might have guessed Regen PM is a nighttime supplement designed to calm your mind and increase quality of sleep. The product does also promote the use of a “two sided tablet combining an immediate & sustained release formula.” Unfortunately that one line is all we get on the two-sided tablet design without even a mention of it on the facts panel. Moving on to the ingredients of Regen PM, the supplement is built around a four feature proprietary blend and a bit of ZMA. The ingredients making up that proprietary are SerinAid phosphatidylserine also used in Growth 191, GABA, 5-HTP and melatonin. While you can see HighT Regen PM in more detail below in its facts panel, there may be a bit of confusion with the label. At the top it does say the serving size is between 1 to 4 tablets, and that there are 60 servings per bottle, despite the bottle actually saying 30 tablets. It’s entirely up to you how you read it, although we’re taking it as a single tablet equals what’s on the panel and that there are only 30 per bottle. Below the label you will also find the brand’s instructions for stacking Regen PM with the HighT Pro Formula Five series.

HighT Pro Formula Five Regen PM

regen pm

Regen PM stacking information

Turbo T – The process of breaking down and rebuilding muscle is what makes your muscles grow. Stacking Regen PM with Turbo T will buffer lactic acid production and reduce muscle fatigue, resulting in improved muscle recovery time.

Growth 191 – Stacking Regen PM with Growth 191 reduces muscle soreness, increases athletic stamina and capacity, supports neuromuscular function during exercise, and helps regain restorative and restful sleep at night needed to support healthy cortisol levels, replenish nutrients and cognitive function.

Active BCAA Regen – Stacking Regen PM with Active BCAA Regen utilizes the power of key ingredients including coconut water to help increase electrolyte uptakes to hydrate your body, and fuel the delivery system of nutrients to your muscles.

Thermo Fuel – One of the biggest struggles in training is keeping focus throughout your entire workout. Stacking Regen PM with Thermo Fuel keeps you sharp during your training, fuels your muscles with key amino acids, and floods your body with essential electrolytes…capitalizing on every minute of your workout.

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