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Ronnie Coleman rebrand starts with new initial style logo

ronnie coleman rebrand

Over the past few months or even the last year almost, things have been fairly quiet for the Ronnie Coleman Signature Series. We’ve seen some different versions, flavors and sizes of current supplements, but nothing entirely new. The brand is now looking to change that or at least make some noise over the next few months as they’ve just announced a few developments. Firstly as you can see above Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has got a new logo, seeing the brand drop their long time script style image for a much more formula looking set of initials. The updated logo is expected to be followed by a complete rebrand in the near future, which if it’s anything like the logo it will be a very different look. Lastly Ronnie Coleman Signature Series has confirmed that they do have a limited edition flavor lined up. While we don’t know what product or products the flavor will temporarily be added to, we do know it is expected around the beginning of next month. Compared to last year 2015 is definitely sounding a lot more exciting for Ronnie Coleman fans with many more things said to be in store.