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Shilajit 250 surprisingly featuring more than just its title


To make it three new supplements for SD Pharmaceuticals here in June, today we’ve got one more almost individual ingredient formula to introduce. Following on from Citrulline Malate 2000 and Apigenin 99, both self-explanatory products, we have Shilajit 250. Surprisingly enough unlike the other two SD’s Shilajit 250 actually features more than what it says in its title. While the supplement does of course pack 250mg of Primavie shilajit extract, it also has 100mg of boron citrate. SD Pharmaceuticals fans wondering just what the new product will do for them, as always the brand sum up their basic formulas in a few short words with Shilajit 250 designed to help boost testosterone.

It is because of that effect that SD suggest stacking the supplement with the likes of DIM, Acacetin and Apigenin for estrogen support, or DAA and Tribulus for testosterone. You can find a complete write-up for Shilajit 250 on the brand’s own website, and if you want to pick up a bottle Muscle & Strength is the place to go as they are currently running a buy one get one half price promotion.

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