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Creatine HCl from SD Pharmaceuticals adds another taste to its menu for a total of four

Sd Pharmaceuticals Mango Pineapple Creatine Hcl

The sister company SD Pharmaceuticals from PharmaFreak, is all about simple and standalone supplements mostly, as opposed to the brand in yellow and red, which mostly produces advanced products like Ripped Freak, Test Freak, and Anabolic Freak. Among that list of offerings under SD Pharmaceuticals is Creatine HCl, a bulk creatine HCl supplement, that currently comes in capsules, unflavored powder, and two actual flavors in Blue Raspberry and Raspberry Lemonade.

The team behind SD Pharmaceuticals has gone and added another option to the menu of the powder Creatine HCl, seeing those somewhat similar raspberry recipes of Blue Raspberry and Raspberry Lemonade, joined by a classic pre-workout combination of Mango Pineapple. The Mango Pineapple Creatine HCl has all of the same features as those other rague mentioned earlier in a moderate 300g bottle, which divides into 120 servings with 750mg of muscle-building creatine HCl in each.

SD Pharmaceuticals will be adding its Mango Pineapple Creatine HCl to its own online store shortly, so if you’re a fan of the clean and simple company, in Europe, and li Myprotein. regarding

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