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White Rapids knocks White Flood Reborn down to $12 a bottle

white flood reborn

With Controlled Labs’ new pre-workout White Rapids already on sale direct and headed out to stores, fans of the supplement’s predecessor may want to stock up. Like most companies Controlled Labs latest pre-workout is going to replace their current one, White Flood Reborn. Retailers will most likely want to get in the new product as no doubt fans of the brand will be asking for it.

That does of course mean fewer people will be interested in White Flood Reborn, so it only makes sense that stores attempt to clear it out. are doing exactly that by giving White Rapid’s predecessor a buy one get one free promotion. The deal drops White Flood Reborn’s regular price of $26.68 down to $13.34, although it does get even better than that. Controlled Labs are also passing around the coupon code “DICED10” which will give you a further 10% off the supplement discounting it further to exactly $24.01 for the two.

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