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ErgoGenix tease an entirely new supplement with zero clues


ErgoGenix have started teasing their next new supplement which at this point we have zero information on. Usually brands drop a clue or two, however ErgoGenix have left it at just the image. All we can really gather is that the product is going to be a powder formula due to it being in a tub as opposed to a capsule bottle. While there is the chance it could be another flavor for a current supplement, Ergoegnix were kind enough to clear that up saying that the mystery product will be an entirely new one for them.

With ErgoGenix already covering most of the major categories such as pre-workout, weight loss and amino, there are very few places left for them to go. Our guess is some kind of flavored fat burner or pump pre-workout, both of which would keep the brand in popular areas. In other ErgoGenix news coincidentally the brand’s official website has now been switched back from directing straight to, to an under construction page. The online update makes it two big things coming soon from ErgoGenix, although the new supplement is obviously a bit more exciting.

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