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Sleep support, the next category Giant are looking to tackle

giant sleep

So far this year we’ve already seen a lot of new supplements from Giant Sports, the same amount in fact as they launched last year. In 2014 we saw the impressive Giant Pump, Muscle Maker and Delicious Casein, which in 2015 have been followed by Delicious Elite, Novedex Black and the incredibly powerful Dexamine Black. With half the year still left to come it’s no surprise that Giant have a bit more in store for fans.

At least one more Giant product is on the way, with the brand set to enter the sleep aid market for the first time. The category is the only piece of information available for now, which is definitely enough to get our attention. In the past when Giant have entered all new areas they’ve almost always managed to do something different, with a great tasting casein, joint support pre-workout, and stimulant like stimulant free fat burner. After examples like that you do have to wonder what the team have put together for sleep support knowing the supplement isn’t likely going to be something we’ve seen before.

We don’t yet know when the yet to be named Giant sleep product will be launching, although we are hoping to get a review of it online before it arrives.

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