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Olympus Hydro3 keeps things simple with HydroMax and KNO3


Today we’ve got an all new Olympus Labs supplement to unveil officially titled Hydro3. The category the product is looking to compete in is none other than pump, with a relatively straightforward formula. The latest from Olympus does in fact give quite a bit away in its name as “Hydro” directly relates to one of its ingredients, and the number “3” being the total amount of ingredients it has.

As mentioned Olympus has kept things pretty simple for Hydro3 with the supplement packing just three features, HydroMax glycerol, KNO3 potassium nitrate and vitamin C. The doses are of course where it matters with HydroMax at half a gram, KNO3 at 150mg, and vitamin C at 60mg. Those numbers are only based on Hydro3’s two capsule serving, with four servings being the maximum Olympus recommend. Throwing back the limit bumps the HydroMax up to 2g and potassium nitrate to 600mg, and believe it or not won’t see you left with a handful of servings. Each bottle of Hydro3 manages to squeeze in a total of 240 capsules, working out to 120 servings or 30 maximum servings.

While today is the first time we’re seeing Olympus Labs upcoming Hydro3, the pump product is due to go on sale in less than a week. Nutraplanet is expected to be launching Hydro3 sometime next week, where shoppers will most likely be treated to another one of their classic introductory offers.

Olympus Labs Hydro3


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