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iSatori Maxon price set at $45.49 for just 3 weeks supply

isatori maxon

Last week details surfaced on the new supplement iSatori Maxon, originally teased as the “King of Strength”. The product turned out to be a combination of five ingredients, iSaCre creatine HCl, Agmaflow agmatine, elevATP, Torabolic fenugreek and sodium bicarbonate. For those that liked the look of iSatori Maxon the next question was how much is the supplement going to cost? That question has now been answered as the brand have put up a coming soon page, confirming the price they will be selling Maxon for.

Assuming the value iSatori have on their website is not changing, Maxon is going to cost you $45.49 when buying direct from the brand. If you take that and apply the same difference in price as Pre-Gro at iSatori and Pre-Gro at somewhere like, Maxon will probably be hitting stores in and around the $35 mark. While that’s not too bad for a muscle-building formula, it does become quite expensive when you realize each bottle of iSatori Maxon will only last you three weeks, working out to over $45 a month if our estimate of around $35 is correct.

In combination with iSatori’s own listing of Maxon, the brand has also uploaded a seven minute video about the supplement. The clip features CEO Stephen Adele going over every ingredient of iSatori Maxon and what it has been designed to do. From here the next likely update is going to be the launch of the product which we can’t imagine being too far away with all the information that’s surfaced over the last week.

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