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Machine Carb 10 featuring an all new carbohydrate source

machine carb

If you thought Marc Lobliner was done with new supplement releases for a while after finally dropping Mango Barracuda and unveiling the upcoming Cinnagram Machine Whey. You’ll be surprised to hear that he has actually confirmed the coming of another product, although unlike the flavors this one is an entirely new supplement. The official name of the product is Machine Carb 10, and will obviously be a carbohydrate formula. While we don’t yet know anything about Machine Carb other than its name, one cookies & cream flavor and 72 serving 5lb tub size, Marc himself has kindly provided a few extra details.

Firstly we have a bit of a description for Machine Carb with “fast absorbing with no insulin spike and no crash!” Secondly and this is something we found a lot more interesting, the supplement’s carbohydrate source has never been marketed before, making Machine Carb the first to feature it. For those equally or even more excited than us, the latest from MTS Nutrition isn’t actually far away as it is apparently due to arrive within the next few days.

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