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MTS Yohimbine identical to Lobliner’s Ethitech Yohimbine

mts yohimbine

One of the first Ethitech Nutrition supplements Marc Lobliner put together was Yohimbine HCl, an individual ingredient formula featuring its title ingredient at 2.5mg per capsule. Ever since MTS Nutrition was introduced the Ethitech original has been used in fat burning stacks with Lobliner’s more advanced line, mostly in combination with the MTS weight loss solution Drop Factor.

From here on out you probably won’t see that happening anymore as MTS Nutrition now have their own Yohimbine HCl. Today at Tiger Fitness the brand have launched an MTS Motion themed (white and red) MTS Yohimbine, a product identical in every way to Ethitech’s Yohimbine. The supplement’s one feature is at the exact same dose per capsule, with the same 90 capsules per bottle and an identical price of $9.99. The release of MTS Yohimbine does of course mark the first time the brand have put together an individual ingredient formula and also suggests more basic products could very well be on the way.

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