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Pre Jym AlphaSize dose doubled in Orange Mango

pre jym

Thanks to one of our reader’s strong attention to detail and interest in trying Jim Stoppani’s new pre-workout flavor, a slight change to the Pre Jym formula has been confirmed. Apparently the new Orange Mango Pre Jym lists a double size dose of the supplement’s AlphaSize alpha-glyceryl phosphoryl choline. Instead of featuring 150mg as currently listed on as well as Stoppani’s own website, Orange Mango Pre Jym has AlphaSize at 300mg.

It’s certainly strange that Jim Stoppani hasn’t mentioned anything about the change, or that his exclusive retailer and site don’t reflect the update. Being a rather uncommon focus ingredient, the doubling of the dose does definitely deserve some attention making the edit even more mysterious. We of course are wondering if the 300mg is possibly a misprint, which would be unfortunate, although we will no doubt get a response to this post whether it be from Jim Stoppani himself or one of his loyal fans.