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Jim Stoppani drops in for an interview and talks all about the evolution of the JYM Protein Bar

Jim Stoppani Interview For Jym Protein Bar

Jim Stoppani and his reputable sports nutrition brand JYM Supplement Science recently released an all-new version of the convenient and protein-packed JYM Protein Bar after originally bringing it to market about two years ago but with a very different approach. The first-ever JYM Protein Bar was a whipped protein snack, and it had a very peanut buttery, powdery taste and texture, although the result was an unmatchable nutrition profile with 20g of protein, only 3g of net carbohydrates, and a calorie count of 250.

Again, the approach and experience in the new JYM Protein Bar are quite different from that first iteration, and we recently sat down with the man himself, Jim Stoppani, to talk about everything that went into the remake and relaunch of his premium brand’s functional competitor. Stoppani actually goes into detail a fair bit, breaking down what he and the brand were trying to achieve in that impressively low carbohydrate original and how that evolved and transformed into the JYM Protein Bar released earlier this month.

You can catch the interview with JYM Supplement Science’s Jim Stoppani over on YouTube as well as major podcast platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Google Podcasts. The conversation runs for a little more than 30 minutes and is well worth a listen for fans of the brand or even just protein snacks in general. Stoppani even touches a little bit on the energy drink that his brand’s been working on that was hyped as an alternative take on the category, although despite how finished it is, it might be a while before we see it.