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Pumpkin Pie Machine Whey closes out a big week for MTS

pumpkin pie machine whey

To say Marc Lobliner and MTS Nutrition have been busy this week is an understatement. Compared to the last few weeks, or even the last few months, this week Lobliner’s brand MTS has dropped more new supplements then some do in a year. It all started with Cinnagram Machine Whey, then Mango Barracuda, Machine Carb 10 and Machine ISO. To finish off the week news of another new product has come in seeing MTS circle back around and unveil flavor number 12 for Machine Whey.

Following on from the cinnamon recipe Cinnagram we now have Pumpkin Pie Machine Whey. Like a lot of the options on the protein powder’s menu, Pumpkin Pie isn’t something you see too often, in fact it’s definitely a rarity. As busy as MTS has been this week Pumpkin Pie Machine Whey is expected to arrive very soon, sometime in the next week or so.

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