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Kaged’s post-workout powerhouse Re-Kaged ready for release


Everything moved fairly quick a couple of weeks back when Kris Gethin launched his first complex Kaged Muscle supplement the intra-workout In-Kaged direct, rather than at his brand’s biggest retailer. While that is almost always the case, the product was and still actually is cheaper than what have it for. Moving on to what lies ahead for fans of Kris Gethin and Kaged Muscle, as much as we wanted to see his pre-workout Pre-Kaged, it does look like the complete post-workout Re-Kaged is next to arrive.

We say that as everything you need to know about Kaged Muscle’s red colored formula has now been uploaded to the brand’s website. From the facts panel which was previously released, to descriptions of each and every feature in Re-Kaged as well as comparisons to leading competitors, you can find it all at With the addition of all the information the supplement has to be arriving soon, especially after seeing how fast In-Kaged went from nothing to available direct.

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