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Recon Nutrition website update brings the rest of the line


The team over at Recon Nutrition has finally updated their website, adding both an entirely new look and all their other supplements. Previously the brand had just the pre-workout Ambush and flavored fat burner Thermonuke listed, which have now been joined Recon’s two Basics Creatine and ALCAR as well as their coconut water infused BCAA Recoil. While these products aren’t entirely new, as mentioned this is the first time the brand has put them online.

As for the site’s all new design, aside from the unbalanced homepage image and menu spacing, Recon has done a pretty good job. The website is just as simple as its predecessor featuring a shop, contact form and about page, with the only thing really missing being labels for the supplements so you actually know what you’re getting. You can see all the changes for yourself at, where there is also now a Recon tee available although only in combination with one of the brand’s stacks.

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