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Royal Shaker 1 of 3 new non-supplement items from Royal Sport

royal shaker

Recently Royal Sport introduced two new supplements with the two energizing formulas the thermogenic Cardio Rush and pre-workout Castle. In Combination with the two new products Royal Sport has also recently added a few pieces of merchandise. If you head on over to their website now you’ll find a Royal Gear section listing three new items.

You have clothing with the heather grey Royal logo tee in four sizes small to XL and valued at $19.99, the Royal branded OGIO backpack at $99.99, and lastly a custom designed Royal shaker at $9.99. If it is the shaker that interests you more than the others, then Royal’s current promotion may be of interest to you. Instead of paying the $10 you can actually get it free with any direct purchase from the brand. The deal is only available for this month, leaving you with exactly seven days to make up your mind.

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