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Shred Caps Body War’s stimulant alternative to Shred 24

shred caps

Last time we checked in with the Australian brand Body War Nutrition, we saw them relabel and reformulate their low stimulant weight loss supplement Shred 24. Appropriately following on from that product the brand has revealed an entirely new fat burner called Shred Caps. The supplement is basically the other half of Shred 24, being a stimulant powered formula. Fans of Body War will know the brand does already have a stimulant weight loss solution in Body Shred, however Shred Caps is very different.

As mentioned Body War’s all new Shred Caps is the stimulant alternative to Shred 24, and it makes sure you know that in its list of ingredients. In total the latest from the Australian brand packs 12 different features, with three of those from Shred 24. The ingredients the two have in common are dandelion extract, banaba leaf and cayenne pepper. As for the other nine you get your usuals with the likes of caffeine, green tea and higenamine as well as theobromine, yerba mate, hordenine, and a few other features. For those wondering how compatible Shred Caps is with Shred 24, the brand has confirmed that the new product was in fact designed to be stackable with its caffeine free predecessor.

You can check out Body War’s much more energizing Shred Caps label below, and expect to see the product itself in stores down under sometime soon.

Body War Shred Caps

shred caps

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