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Controlled Labs White Pipes possibly replacing White Pump

controlled labs white pipes

Controlled Labs has just dropped a couple of hints at a new supplement coming down the pipeline. The image above is the first clue the brand uploaded really only pointing you in one direction. The second clue confirms the name of the product coming soon with Controlled Labs White Pipes. While the brand has yet to say exactly what kind of supplement White Pipes is, we do have a pretty good idea on what the formula might be.

As vague as the name Controlled Labs White Pipes is, it does put the possibility of a stimulant free or pump pre-workout in your head. With that said the brand does already have the pump pre-workout White Pump, however that product is in fact over a year old. Coincidentally Controlled Labs also isn’t listing White Pump on their website anymore furthering the idea of White Pipes taking its place. Lastly the brand has said they are working on something for when fans cycle off their recently released pre-workout White Rapids. The clues all seem to point at one type of supplement and that is Controlled Labs White Pipes being some kind of stimulant free solution.

Of all the brands out there Controlled Labs is definitely one of the few that doesn’t mess around when it comes to new products, so expect to see more on White Pipes very soon.

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