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MTS gainer Epic Gains gets its promised second flavor

epic gains

Just as Marc Lobliner promised he has now revealed and released another flavor for the MTS Nutrition mass gainer Epic Gains. Previously the product was only available in the one option it was launched in, Caramel Macchiato. Joining the supplement’s lonely flavor is a recipe MTS fans will already know from the 2014 Protein Wars winner Machine Whey with the classic Cookies & Cream.

While Cookies & Cream Epic Gains is essentially just another flavor, it is also actually MTS Nutrition’s sixth new product in about a week or seventh in a little more than 10 days. As mentioned the new flavor has been both revealed and released today with it already available for purchase from the home of MTS. Like last week’s Mango Barracuda, Cookies & Cream Epic Gains has yet to be added to the Big Load Stack’s list of options, with individual sale being all there is at the moment.

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