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Mystery Epiq supplement sounding like a reformulation


Epiq fans do already have a lot to be excited about, as the bright orange brand has still got a couple of new supplements coming soon. Epiq’s all new pre-workout Stryke was the last product to be released, leaving the muscle-builder Quad Test and fat burner Slash to come. While two new additions is more than enough for most brands, Epiq has now confirmed the coming of what looks to be another new supplement.

Basically the brand has uploaded a teaser image showing only a fraction of a product, and saying “New look, new formula, new gains.” Going off what Epiq say in their one short and sweet line, it sounds like they’ve put together a new version of a current supplement. With “new look” relating to the updated branding seen on Stryke, Quad Test and Slash. If that is in fact the case then based on the comment of “new gains”, Epiq would have to be talking about one of their non-weight loss products such as Strength, Gainer or Creatine-X5.

While our logic may sound pretty good, at this point anyone’s guess is as good as ours. Since there aren’t any details outside of the supplement being new, there are a lot of possibilities for Epiq’s latest. What ever it may turn out to be we do know the brand has already previewed Quad Test and Slash, ruling them out and making the mystery formula one of three new products on the way from Epiq.

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