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Stryke now available in two deliciously named flavors

epiq stryke

Epiq fans that have been waiting around for one of their favorite brand’s new supplements to arrive, can now head to GNC and pick one up. Last time we posted on the bright orange Epiq it was confirmed that they had three products on the way, the fat burner Slash, muscle builder Quad Test, and the supplement that’s now available, the pre-workout Stryke.

It is as mentioned GNC who is now stocking the latest from Epiq, with two 60 serving flavors to choose from and a third still on the way. The options for Stryke are Sour Blue Raspberry Slushie, Tropical Fruit Burst, and the one not online just yet, Pink Lemonade. The price on the pre-workout is $79.99 or $59.99 for Gold Card holders, with each tub lasting you 60 workouts or 30 using Stryke’s maximum of two scoops.

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