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Free Test XRT Caffeine Free also drops some of its Libi-NOS blend

free test xrt caffeine free

At the moment Applied Nutraceuticals muscle-building supplement Free Test can be found in two versions. You have the much more recently released Innovation Series Free Test XRT, as well as its predecessor simply named Free Test which is still listed in some stores. There now appears to be a third version of the App Nut product that’s actually a little newer than Free Test XRT, officially and obviously titled Free Test XRT caffeine free.

If you couldn’t figure it out from the name, the supplement is just a caffeine free edition of Free Test XRT. Everything else in the product seems to be the same except for a minor change to the formula’s Libi-NOS blend, as even though it hasn’t had anything removed it is down 45mg. For those interested in purchasing Free Test caffeine free, App Nut do already have it on their website although at $49.99 you may want to wait for it to hit a retailer.