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Kaged Muscle intra-workout In-Kaged hits Europe

in-kaged uk

As big as Kris Gethin’s fan based is here in the US, he also has loyal followers in a whole lot of other countries around the world. Unfortunately at the moment not all of those fans have the ability to get a hold of Gethin’s advanced Kaged Muscle supplements, Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged and Re-Kaged. With that being said those located in Europe are now one step closer to being able to purchase the entire Kaged system, as’s UK warehouse has just got stock of the intra-workout. In-Kaged has been added at £24.71 for the same original 20 serving formula, although unfortunately is already listed it as on backorder. On the bright side the pre-workout Pre-Kaged and post-workout Re-Kaged are on the way, as well as hopefully more In-Kaged.

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