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Kaged Muscle test booster and fat burner in the works

test kaged

Just as he did before we saw the Kaged Muscle system of Pre-Kaged, In-Kaged and Re-Kaged, Kris Gethin has confirmed a couple of supplements he’s currently working on. For those that can’t remember, back before pictures of Pre-Kaged even surfaced Gethin said he was testing out some kind of pre-workout formula, which of course eventually turned out to be Pre-Kaged. He has now said the same kind of thing, although for two types of products that he doesn’t exactly have anything close to at the moment.

The categories the upcoming Kaged Muscle supplements fall under are testosterone boosting and weight loss, two of the three areas Jim Stoppani entered after he launched his pre, post and protein. Much like the case when Kris Gethin actually hinted at his pre, intra and post workout formulas, he hasn’t mentioned any thing about either of the two products outside of their categories. Also like the Kaged system supplements the two new formulas are expected to be tested out for quite some time, as Gethin has said he’s hoping to have them available within the next five months.

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