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Magnum confirm Orange Dreamsicle Opus as their product for August


Recently Magnum Nutraceuticals released a road map of sorts, confirming the coming of five new supplements spread out across five months. It all started with Limitless in June, followed by G-Spring just last month, then three more products that had yet to be revealed for August, September and October. Previously we didn’t know what was coming for this month, however now as you can see in the image above Magnum has uncovered their August spot.

The supplement up this month is in fact the one we posted about yesterday with the rebranded Opus and its all new flavor Orange Dreamsicle. While it’s not an entirely new product as Magnum has kept the formula exactly the same for their update, the addition of Orange Dreamsicle is of course what qualifies it as something new. With three down and only two to go we definitely move our eyes to October for a surprise as we are pretty sure the anti-aromatase supplement E-Brake is the teal product lined up for September.

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