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Rapid-Test the first supplement from iSatori’s CT Fletcher Signature Series


Ever since CT Fletcher launched himself into the fitness industry we’ve been waiting for him to come out with his own line of supplements. Even back when he was with MusclePharm, it was something we felt was coming. Now after he’s been with iSatori for almost all of 2015, the CT Fletcher Signature Series is actually going to happen. The first product from the line has been unveiled with the testosterone booster Rapid-Test.

According to iSatori’s description of the first CT Fletcher Signature Series supplement, Rapid-Test has been designed for “serious Iron Addicts who want to maximize testosterone to dominate every workout”. While we’re not entirely sure when the product will be dropping, we do know of at least six ingredients that will be in Rapid-Test. The formula’s lead feature is Testosurge fenugreek, which has been included at 600mg per serving and promises to possibly crank up testosterone in as little as 10 hours. Following on from that iSatori has also thrown in half a gram of TribuDrive tribulus, 25 mg calcium d-glucarate, 30mg zinc, 10mg boron, and vitamins D, B6 and B12 at 400 IU, 10.5mg and 20 mcg.

As mentioned we don’t know if there is anything else in the CT Fletcher Signature Series Rapid-Test, or when the supplement is due to be available. All we know are the six ingredients listed and that the CT Fletcher series is a series, suggesting there is more than just the testosterone booster Rapid-Test planned.

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