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Thermadex Black unveiled with no sign of OxyTherm Black

thermadex black

Quite some time ago PNI, makers of the well known pre-workout Prodigy and fat burner Thermadex, previewed a supplement unofficially named OxyTherm Black. The product got its name from a handful of images that were released featuring a black branded bottle labelled with the OxyTherm logo. This week PNI has dropped a follow-up to those previews, although this time it isn’t OxyTherm we’re seeing.

Unlike all the other pictures from early this year and late last year, the latest from PNI is as clear as you can get it. In the image we see a supplement called Thermadex Black, which still appears to be another fat burner for the brand but a spin-off of PNI’s other weight loss formula, not OxyTherm. Nothing else outside of the name and picture of the product has been released, just that Thermadex Black is coming soon.

If you’re like us you may be wondering what happened to OxyTherm Black since we haven’t heard anything on it for almost seven months, then all of a sudden what looks to be its successor pops up. Our best guess is that Thermadex Black is exactly that, what OxyTherm Black has turned into. That is of course our guess as PNI hasn’t confirmed anything, meaning the opposite could also happen with both supplements being launched.

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