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Betancourt confirms 4g of Active TR for its upcoming BCAA Plus

bcaa plus

Recently Betancourt posted a family photograph featuring an all new supplement for its Plus Series called BCAA Plus, which was tucked away in the back and barely mentioned. The brand has now officially confirmed the product as coming soon and released a handful of additional details. While we have still yet to get a look at the formula behind the supplement revealing everything that’s in it, there is one ingredient that’s been confirmed that’s definitely worth posting about.

With a name like BCAA Plus, we do of course know BCAAs will be a guaranteed part of the product. That being said, as mentioned we now know of a much more important feature in the formula. One of, if not the biggest star of the supplement that’s just been revealed is the increasingly popular Active TR time released leucine. Betancourt also hasn’t gone light on the ingredient packing 4g of ActiveTR presumably per serving.

To add to the update on BCAA Plus, two more flavors for the product have been named. Joining the previously confirmed Candy Watermelon are two more fruity recipes in Passion Fruit and Tropical Punch. While usually brands say supplements are coming soon, Betancourt’s latest Plus Series formula does sound a little closer than that. According to the brand BCAA Plus is “almost here”, making it sound like its only a few weeks away.

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