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Beast Protein a lot like Beast Whey without BCAAs and taurine

beast protein

In a number of stores right now you may have noticed Beast Sports’ protein powder 100% Beast Whey is out of stock. Usually it wouldn’t be worth paying much attention to that kind of thing, as you’d just expect more stock to be on the way. On this occasion however the Beast Sports supplement is actually looking like it’s getting replaced, as the brand is no longer listing Beast Whey and is now promoting an entirely new protein.

The all new Beast Protein is the latest product to have surfaced from Beast Sports, which much like Beast Whey is fairly straightforward protein formula. Packed into each serving of the supplement you have all the usual macros with 25g of protein, 5g of carbohydrates (2g sugar), 2g of fat (half saturated), and a total of 140 calories. Most of those Beast Protein numbers are exactly the same as Beast Whey, in fact the only one that’s different is the carbohydrates as Beast Protein has one gram more.

With a formula featuring a combination of macros so similar to the brand’s current protein powder, you may be wondering what makes Beast Protein any different? The answer to that lies in the product’s ingredients section. Basically instead of listing three protein sources with whey protein concentrate, hydrolysate and isolate, Beast Protein has five seeing Beast Whey’s three joined by micellar casein and egg elbumin. Beast has also made some big changes to a few other areas in the ingredients section as unlike Beast Whey, Beast Protein does not have any added BCAAs or taurine.

By the looks of things Beast Sports’ new Beast Protein is just a simpler Beast Whey. The numbers are mostly the same, the serving size is smaller giving you more servings per tub, and you get a few extra protein sources and no added aminos. Beast Protein is essentially a new and improved Beast Whey, which is said to be coming very soon in the same two flavors as the brand’s current protein with Chocolate and Vanilla.

Beast Sports Beast Protein

beast protein

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