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iSatori’s CT Fletcher Vitapac could be coming soon

ct fletcher vitapac

We do already know iSatori will be releasing more CT Fletcher Signature Series supplements somewhere down the line. At the moment the brand has only got the pre-workout and muscle building categories covered, leaving the series with plenty of places still to go. While nothing has been confirmed by iSatori yet as to what’s next for the CT Fletcher Series, details have come in on something that might at least be on the way.

In the all new CT Fletcher film My Magnificent Obsession, iSatori gets a fair amount of screen time. In that small amount of time you do see the brand’s CEO Stephen Adele showing Fletcher a few things for his product line. It is there that you see a shot of a muscle-building supplement that for now we’re going to assume turned into Rapid-Test, a picture of the pre-workout ISYMFS, and one other product. That other product is in fact the CT Fletcher Vitapac, a vitamin and mineral formula.

You don’t really see the CT Fletcher Vitapac after it shows up early in the movie, although its brief appearance is more than enough to suggest iSatori might be doing a vitamin supplement for the line. As mentioned the brand has not confirmed anything yet, meaning there is the possibility Vitapac is just a draft product used as an example in My Magnificent Obsession and not something that’s actually coming.

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