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Dynamik Muscle launching four supplements later this month

dynamik muscle

Over the weekend news came in that Kai Greene was no longer an athlete of MuscleMeds. Despite being the face of the brand for an extremely long time, he finally parted ways with the makers of Carnivor and has since shown up with an all new brand called Dynamik Muscle. Initially we didn’t know anything about Dynamik, only that the Predator Kai Greene was connected in some way. Since that post from the weekend we’ve managed to get a lot more information that’s definitely going to make September a whole lot more interesting.

Just as we suspected Dynamik Muscle is in fact a supplement company with Kai Greene taking on the role as the face of the brand. The next detail we have for you is that Dynamik will be launching four products sometime this month. Unfortunately we don’t have any names for the supplements or categories, although if we had to take a guess we’d put our money on all the popular types such as pre-workout, fat burner, amino and protein powder. The one last piece of information we have is that each and every one of Dynamik’s products are going to be 100% transparently dosed, meaning no mysterious proprietary blends.

Between now and when Dynamik Muscle releases their line we should see plenty of teasers from both the brand and the Predator, no doubt giving us more on details on the four mystery supplements. It is also worth mentioning that Dynamik is aiming to launch late this month, so we may not actually be seeing any products until after the Olympia which runs from September 17th to the 20th.

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