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Dynamik Pre-sale also launches three items of clothing


Last night as promised Kai Greene’s all new brand Dynamik Muscle, launched their website putting all four of their products up for pre-order. The pre-workout Savage Roar, pump Gamma-Ray, muscle-builder Warbringer and fat burner Eviscerate, are all now available for purchase with orders expected to be shipped out next week on September 16th. Another thing Dynamik promised was a coupon code for fans to get discount on the supplements, which has turned out to be a lot better than expected.

Firstly the regular prices on the brand’s products are actually not too bad with each one separated from another by $5. The most expensive is Warbringer at $49.99, then Eviscerate at $44.99, Savage Roar at $39.99, and the stimulant free Gamma-Ray at $34.99. As for the coupon we mentioned, if you enter the code “LAUNCH” at checkout all those prices will drop by 25% taking the likes of Savage Roar down to $29.99 and Gamma-Ray to $26.24. It is also worth pointing out that the code does work on the two Dynamik stacks, both of which already save you over 10% compared to buying their supplements separately.

While we were only expecting the four previewed products to be put up for pre-order, and the coupon code to make the launch that much better. Kai Greene and Dynamik Muscle have managed to sneak a couple of other items online. Alongside the brand’s supplements are the first three pieces of Dynamik apparel. Two of the products are tees, one a red stock logo shirt, and the other printed with the quote “Thoughts Become Things” and Kai Greene’s signature. As for the third item it is actually an all red logo zip hoodie, much like the one Kai Greene was almost always seen in when representing MuscleMeds.

For those interested in securing themselves any of the supplements or clothing for that matter, the place you need to go is Also if you want to use the 25% discount code “LAUNCH”, make sure you do so before the pre-order shipping date as that is when it expires.

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