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Fitmark Envoy Series backpack and duffel unveiled

fitmark envoy

After all the usual teasers, Fitmark has finally unveiled its all new Envoy Series of bags. As previously confirmed there are two bags in the line, one a backpack and the other a duffel. Another thing we thought would be the case which has turned out to be true is that both of the Envoy items feature meal storage. With that being said the meal side of the Envoys is just one of the many things making up the latest from Fitmark.

We’ll start off with the Envoy Backpack, although both of the products in the line are quite similar when it comes to features. Looking at the backpack from the front the first thing you’ll notice is its meal compartment. At the bottom of the bag there is a reasonably small pocket made to fit a Box SM, giving you enough room for two meal containers. On each side of that Fitmark has included two zip pockets designed to hold a bottle or shaker. Moving up to the top you essentially have three main compartments. The front and middle can be used for your everyday things, with the back compartment softly lined for laptops up to 17″ in size.

Next is the Envoy Duffel, which as mentioned has very similar features to the Envoy Backpack. Again starting from the front you have a small pocket to throw your accessories in, then just behind that a soft support compartment designed to fit laptops up to 15″ in size. On each side things get a lot bigger with Fitmark giving you room for your shoes or laundry on the left, and on the right a space to slide in a two meal Box SM. Lastly you have the massive main compartment, large enough to fit everything else.

Basically both Fitmark Envoy bags appear to have been put together for one purpose, and that is to do everything. While we have seen attempts from the brand at bringing together meal management, training gear and school or work items with the likes of the Transporter Backpack and Duffel. The Fitmark Envoy Series is really where the brand gets it right. Not only do the new products successfully bring together space for everything, but they do it in style. As we’ve seen Fitmark do in a number of other designs, the Envoy bags are yet another great example of the brand combining function without sacrificing too much form.

By the looks of things Fitmark will be launching both the Envoy Backpack and Envoy Duffel some time over the next few months. The pair will be available in the brand’s three traditional colors, black, red and pink, and are expected to be priced at $159.99.

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